Chinese New Year and The Year of The Pig

According to the Chinese culture, the pig is the twelfth zodiac sign and it is
associated with fortune, wealth, and enjoying life in every way possible. The people who bear that sign look at life realistically, but are always energetic, enthusiastic and easy going.

The Chinese hold great value in the colours red and gold – they are core symbols of their tradition. Many brands use this as an opportunity to launch some of their most iconic products, right around the time of Chinese New Year, to commemorate the holiday and implement unique designs.

Here are some beauty trends and products which complement the personality of the Pig. More than anything, Pigs are very social and love to go out and party. So for the ladies who are born under this sign – apply the most shimmery gold pigment on the eyes or lips, and you will not go unnoticed. Yellow is also one of the colours of the Pig so that will fit great! In the office or on a night in the town, pop a bit of colour with eye-catching red lip or nails – make sure both products have longlasting formulas! For the pragmatic and more down to earth Pigs who realize the power of skin glow and want to reduce the effects of aging – apply a lifting extra firming eye cream. Enjoy 2019!

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