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Time is a precious thing. However, it easily becomes scarce due to busy schedules, family and social life amongst other factors. Active women have less and less time to give intensive care to their beauty.

Fortunately, there are miraculous products that can transform our look in no time! beautypress presents tips to get ready the blink of an eye.

A different coffee break
Oh-oh… morning observation, you just found the remote and a packet of crisps buried in your couch after a night watching Netflix. A weary complexion and dark circles under your eyes is the sad conclusion of long night and salty snacks. It’s prime time to act – instead of a cup of coffee to give you a boost when you wake up, use a cream containing caffeine. It drains the tissue, promoting the elimination of liquids, which narrows the blood vessels under the skin and helps to reduce swelling. Tip: Store your cream in the refrigerator for an intensified effect!

Saving time in your shower
Even with a busy schedule, your body care should not be overlooked. Multitasking is key here – relax your skin by applying mask on your face whilst you shower. If you’re shaving, you can use your shower gel instead of a shave gel. Extra tip: even a hair mask can be used to shave! It will make your skin very soft and facilitate hair removal. To moisturize your skin in the shower, use a body milk in the shower that will leave your skin radiant!

Dry Shampoo – a friend to take everywhere
Hair looking askew and no time for a wash and blow-dry? Dry shampoo is a great alternative to help you in between washes. It refreshes the hair and gives it texture and volume – making it so much easier to tame!

The ABC of complexion
When you do not have time – leave the primer, foundation, powder, blush and the illuminator to one side. Instead of this long routine, choose a BB, CC or DD cream and give your skin a natural complexion. These creams combine care and make-up; providing valuable skin food and simultaneously some hydration. Tired complexion is vanished, defects are camouflaged and the skin appears smoother.

A last-minute make-up
A revolution in the routine of working women: a lipstick doubles up on lips and cheeks. This miracle of technology gives a fresh appearance in the blink of an eye. Apply a little mascara and you’re done!

Express cleansing for a fresh complexion
Cleansing milk, eye-makeup remover, and exfoliation: After a long day, we do not want to waste too much time cleaning our face at night. With micellar water, you remove not only the makeup particles but also the impurities in depth. A micellar lotion provides your skin with softness and hydration. For a visible restful sleep, mix some self-tanner in your night cream.

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