New Magazine Released! Kallie’s Bucket List


Topic of the Week: Lip Lip Hurray

Red, pink, nude, rose - these are the most common lipstick colors – any woman could testify that! Depending on the occasion, we often opt for said shades as our go-to lipstick, though we could be missing a trick or two when it comes to it being the right shade for our skin tone! Read below for our ultimate lip color guide. Mauve The term mauve describes the color of the wild mallow, a delicate flower with healing features. It appears in many European countries and often found on roadsides or sparse forests. This gentle floral color suits every complexion, ...
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Topic of the Week: Sport & Beauty – Gym bag essentials

Sport keeps you fit, it’s fun and makes you feel good in your skin. Gym bag essentials? Yoga mat, bottle of water and a towel. Wait, don’t forget your essential cosmetic products which will help rejuvenate your skin before and after a training session, refresh and reinvent your entire day! Stretch before a training Just like applying makeup or skincare products, the prep of the skin is important before training. Think of it like…stretching. The body needs a good warm up before all the intense workout, but so does the skin. Gym or an outdoor session? Both environments require different ...
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Mascaras! What’s best?

Which mascara is best for my eyelashes? For more volume: Volume mascaras wrap the lashes with polymers to make them look fuller, denser and thicker. For more momentum: Curved eyelashes are obtained by curved brushes, which are adapted to the natural eye shape. For more length: Optically longer eyelashes are achieved with application brushes, which are thicker at the ends and thinner in the middle and can reach precisely the individual hairs. For more definition: Brushes, which become evenly narrowed towards the ends and reach their widest point in the middle, ensure that all lashes are covered and appear fuller ...
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Beauty Secrets & Ingredients from all around the world

Beauty is celebrated all over the world. Beauty secrets and especially ingredients that people swear by, come from all over the world and can be found in numerous cosmetic products. Take a tour around the globe with our selection of these fine ingredients and their origins – bon voyage! Africa Africa, for example, is the home of the shea butter. It is obtained from the fruits of the shea tree (Vitellaria), which can be found mainly in the Sudan zone. The harvest of fruits is traditionally in the hands of women. After the fruits have been harvested, they are peeled ...
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Keep that TAN in Line!

Back from vacay? Worried about losing your tan? Here are some clever tricks and tips on how to maintain that summer glow… Scrup Up! The prep starts even before you jet off or hop down to the park – exfoliation is the technique if you want to get your body to its pre-tan prime. It is important to scrub away dead skin cells as your body sheds the top skin layer approximately every two weeks. By reducing the skin's surface gently but thoroughly, you can reduce the visibility of pores, lines and wrinkles. Technique For the face – Start by ...
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Beauty Background – Fast Beautifiers

Time is a precious thing. However, it easily becomes scarce due to busy schedules, family and social life amongst other factors. Active women have less and less time to give intensive care to their beauty. Fortunately, there are miraculous products that can transform our look in no time! beautypress presents tips to get ready the blink of an eye. A different coffee break
Oh-oh… morning observation, you just found the remote and a packet of crisps buried in your couch after a night watching Netflix. A weary complexion and dark circles under your eyes is the sad conclusion of long ...
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Chinese New Year and The Year of The Pig

According to the Chinese culture, the pig is the twelfth zodiac sign and it is
associated with fortune, wealth, and enjoying life in every way possible. The people who bear that sign look at life realistically, but are always energetic, enthusiastic and easy going. The Chinese hold great value in the colours red and gold – they are core symbols of their tradition. Many brands use this as an opportunity to launch some of their most iconic products, right around the time of Chinese New Year, to commemorate the holiday and implement unique designs. Here are some beauty trends and ...
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Kallie’s Bucket List

Kallie Jensen is 15 years old and has been battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer for four years.
After a recent string of treatments and some bad news, Kallie made a bucket list of things she would like to experience.
One item on the list was a professional photo shoot, and the online magazine The Beauty Battalion got the ball rolling on that event.
But that wasn't all, as the Fox 13 Dream Team surprised Kallie by making a few more of her wishes come true ...
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Looking great, not done: Facial plastic surgeons report shift toward natural beauty

(BPT) - Gone are the days of plumped-up puckers, ski-sloped noses, overfilled cheeks and wind-tunnel faces that were obviously “done.” Today, facial plastic surgery is about looking like the best version of yourself — refreshed, relaxed and natural.Celebrities are driving this trend. Reality-star-turned-make-up-mogul Kylie Jenner recently announced that she had fillers dissolved from her signature pout, according to Allure, revealing natural, shapely lips. But this new trend is not just about reversing overly done procedures. It’s also about avoiding the over-done look in the first place.As many as one-third of facial plastic surgeons report that the “fear of looking unnatural” ...
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Pollution protection: 5 easy tips for combating the environment’s effects on skin

(BPT) - Properly taking care of your skin each day — and countering the possible effects of pollution — is quick, affordable and easy to do. So why do so many Americans forgo that step in their daily routines?A recent survey by CeraVe found 48 percent of American adults often worry about their skin, yet 36 percent have no regular skincare routine. Only 36 percent regularly use cleanser, and 33 percent say they’re confused about how to choose effective products and methods.Unfortunately, everyday pollution and UV rays can easily wreak havoc on your skin, so it’s essential to develop a ...
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