Armed with a team of top professionals in beauty and fashion, they are taking REAL people and giving them the chance of a lifetime to be featured as the cover model on a Magazine.  Through the process readers are engaged as they see the transformation take place.   At the end of the shoot, the cover models have a new and heightened confidence to take on their own lives and know that they are just as beautiful and deserving as any "model" or "celebrity".  This new approach to offering a real beauty magazine is reaching people on a personal level.  Providing a refreshing approach to the industry with the first beauty magazine of it's kind. Real People. Real Beauty.

​When it comes to advertisements people often wonder: What is real? What is fake? What works?  What gets results?  The Beauty Battalion has solved that issue!  By providing information in their health and beauty magazine of products that not only deliver on their promises, but that they have personally investigated and found worthy to be promoted in their Magazine. You can be sure that you are getting real, honest information about any of the brands, products or companies which are featured.

 It's time to shake things up in this industry.  Why are we denying the truths about ourselves and pretending we are perfect? We are not perfect, and that is perfectly okay. Let's blow up this misconception of "Beauty" and rebuild it with a whole new meaning!  Join the Rebellion.  Join The Beauty Battalion!

our story

Owner and professional Makeup Artist, Missy Lovett realized there was a social misconception and use of the word "Beauty". With over 15 years of experience working on high-profile faces, she has a full understanding of the efforts it takes to create the images that are used in marketing and advertising. Her belief that everyone is cover model worthy has driven her and her team to create the first magazine of its kind.  Real People.  Real Beauty.   While raising two young daughters, she wanted to take a chance at shaking up the industry and revealing behind-the-scenes secrets to create the perfect cover model photo.

Define Your Own Beauty.



Beauty Battalion