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Karen Erekson

Artistic Production Manager

YOU could be our next cover model!   Join us in the movement to redefine beauty and give REAL individuals the opportunity to showcase their unique qualities and share their stories with others.  Nominate someone today!

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If you see this symbol you'll know that the beauty battalion has tried, tested, used and reviewed the brand, company, and/or product(s) and has found them worthy to be  deemed as bb approved!  Real people.  Real results. bb truth.

Missy Lovett


Makeup Artist/Beauty Expert

This month's BB Approved list:

Abigail Brady

Set Assistant

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Beauty Battalion

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Join The Beauty Battalion in their Rebellion against the falsities of advertising and marketing in Beauty & Fashion. We are on a mission to CHANGE conventional beauty marketing. Cover models don't need to be size 0, have a certain look, or have celebrity status. We want to inspire individuals to be their authentic selves. You don't have to conform to someone else's idea of beauty. The Beauty Battalion is forging the way to provide readers and viewers alike with a Magazine full of truth and honesty from the products and businesses they feature, to the stories and people they spotlight.  Rapidly gaining in popularity, the magazine reaches people on a personal level, providing advice on subjects from; Beauty, Fashion, Makeup, Hairstyling, Grooming, Health/Wellness, Fitness, and much more.  The Rebellion has begun... who's side are you on?

Nikee Miller

Wardrobe Stylist

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The Beauty Battalion - #JoinTheRebellion February 2017

Nicole Allen

Key Hair Stylist

Shaun Anders

Creative Director

Head Photographer